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Nov 1 / Greg

Mikrotik SSID Emoji And Ascii

Every once in a while Andrew Cox sends me a link that is too good not to share…hehehe.

Check out this Mikrotik SSID Unicode generator.

It allows you to put in Emoji and ascii to spit out some hilarious SSIDs.

Once you get the unicode out of the generator you will need to put it in via CLI. The page gives you the command to put in, but you first need to know what wireless interface it is. To determine this you will need to do the following:

int wire print

This will list the interfaces along with their ID:

ID’s are circled in red

In the unicode paste section, change the “X” to the interface ID:

/interface wireless set X ssid="\C2\AF\5C\5F\28\E3\83\84\29\5F\2F\C2\AF"

For wlan3, it would become

/interface wireless set 2 ssid="\C2\AF\5C\5F\28\E3\83\84\29\5F\2F\C2\AF"

Have fun, and let’s see some of your interesting SSIDs.

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