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Nov 1 / Greg

Bulk Mikrotik Usermanager Import

The Mikrotik Usermanager is a radius package you can optionally install on a router. This gives you the ability to locally or remotely authenticate users for: Hotspot, PPP, DHCP, Wireless, or RouterOS logins. It has some paypal/ integration, but the features are so limited I’d personally look at a different solution.

It is actually a decent system for small standalone VPN authentication(you can allow users to create/modify users without having to login to the router itself). I recently had need to bulk import users, but ran into some issues.

Customers are actually admins that login to the administrative backend. Users are created to allow login to your various systems. When adding users you must specify a profile, and one doesn’t exist by default.

First create a default profile. After you have a profile, it will automatically be applied to new users created through the webpage…but what if you want to bulk import via CLI? When adding users via CLI there is not direct method to add a profile to a user, which means anyone added will be unusable(just fantastic).

The workaround I found is to create a template user via the web interface, then use the “copy-from” command via CLI. The copy-from command will copy the profile setting and apply it to your new users:

/tool user-manager user
add customer=admin disabled=no shared-users=2 username=MyUserName password=MyPassword copy-from=0

I think usermanager is good as a simple standalone manager that gives a web interface for simple administration. Any of you guys have opinions, thoughts, questions, let me know in the comments.

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