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Mar 25 / Greg

Mikrotik hAP Lite – RB941-2nD

****Test results for the router here****

So I’ve gotten the first hAP Lite from ISP supplies and just pulled it out of the box.

  • 650MHz CPU
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 4 ethernet ports – we lost one somewhere
  • Dual chain 2.4 antenna 1.4dBi antennas
  • Only supports 5V input off of a mini USB port
  • Price is right about $20!
  • DSC06703



    Left and Bottom you can see the antennas on the PCB.

    Left and Bottom you can see the antennas on the PCB.

    LEDs are built into the ethernet ports now.

    LEDs are built into the ethernet ports now.

    I’m guessing here, but to get to the price point they must be using new ethernet ASICs, hence one less ethernet port. I’m also assuming that dropping the circuits to take 8-30V in and just allowing 5V in saved some $ also. Unless I missed something it looks like they have a new CPU in place also.

    These guys also seem to use their reset button as CAPs and WPS.

    I’m going to push a little traffic through them doing some firewalling and light QoS just to see what they will do. I’m assuming I can do some 30Mbs of normal traffic…which will be Oh-so-nice-a.

    What say you guys…would these made decent customer CPE routers?


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    1. Kris / Mar 25 2015

      Can these do HWMP+

    2. Greg / Mar 25 2015

      It looks like just about anything MTK can do HWMP+. Just as they can be used as CAPs devices if you like.

    3. Robert / Mar 25 2015

      Looks like a newer Qualcomm-Atheros 9531 chip, BGN wireless. Odd that it only has four ports since other devices with it (WNDR2000v5) have five Ethernet ports and the AP143 reference board for it refers to the 4+1 FE Switch plus PHYs onboard. Also has UART, JTAG and GPIO support. Wonder what’s exposed on that board…

    4. Greg / Mar 25 2015

      Good man…I’m far too lazy to look up the spec sheets. I did see the jtag ports(or at least I suspected as much). It would be cool if you could hit the GPIO from metarouter, though.

    5. Blake / Mar 26 2015

      Hey Greg,

      I’m the web designer at ISP Supplies but I also get the first point of contact with a lot of our customers, so i’d really like to hear your opinion on the pros/cons so that I can pass that along. Also, how much traffic did you push through?

      On another note, they’ve been selling like hotcakes. We just got our first order of 400 units in last week and about 200 are already gone.

    6. Greg / Mar 26 2015

      So far it seems pretty straight forward. I know old versions of winbox won’t connect, it requires new.

      I haven’t had a chance to stress it, yet. I’m thinking I can pop it off a port possibly tomorrow and see what it will do.

      If they run solid, which I’m sure they will, I can see using these in place of 750s since they are so much cheaper for roughly the same power(though one less ethernet port).

    7. Blake / Mar 26 2015

      The price crunch on the hap was a bit surprising to me. I don’t like to use the phrase “disruptive pricing” because it’s such an overused buzzword, but it’s hard to compete with 20 bucks. It’s almost half the price of the 750 and well under half the price of the 750UP and GL

    8. Greg / Mar 27 2015

      I’ve been able to test the router, and results are here.

    9. Jimmy / Mar 27 2015

      I went ahead and ordered one for the heck of it. At $20 its hard to pass up.

      Did you test out how strong the wireless is in this?

    10. Greg / Apr 7 2015

      I haven’t tested signal strength…they are small 1.5 dbi antennas, so it is probably just OK.

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