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Mar 19 / Greg

Mikrotik – View Large Routing Tables – BGP Full Feed

If you are connecting your Internet routers to your providers via BGP, you will quickly notice that it is difficult to view the route table…and when a normal feed is 510K+ routes, I’m sure you can imagine why. A single full feed consumes somewhere around 256MB of RAM…so don’t try this with an RB750! As Tom would say, “Get bigger rooters B*****s!”

At any rate, when you open winbox, go to ip route, you see this:

What you want to do is use some filtering. You will find this just above the list of routes…or lack there of:
Notice that I used the “is” condition. This means it will look for this EXACT route.

If we want to put in a subnet and find all routes that are contained within it we would switch to the “in” keyword:

Notice it found 275 routes.

Notice it found 275 routes.

We can accomplish the same via CLI…with even more functionality actually, but we will keep it simple.
Exact match:

/ip route print where dst-address=


Match subordinate routes:

/ip route print where dst-address in


On the CLI we can add some additional keywords…like detail!

/ip route print detail where dst-address=

As you can see, adding the detail option gives us the BGP peer that we learned it from, their AS#, and gateway information. All extremely useful information.

Let me know about your route table tricks in the comments, and as always, happy routing!


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  1. Jesus Suarez / Mar 19 2015

    Hello Greg,

    Thanks for share your knowledge.

    I has one question about BGP and Mikrotik.

    Right now I’m needing to establish a BGP session with two differences ISP and I need to receive the Full Routing table from both ISP.

    I read in that Mikrotik Routers(Including CCR) only use one CPU Core for BGP processing… The question is Can I use a Mikrotik Router for this scenario? If the answer is yes, can you suggest a specific Mikrotik Router?

    If your answer is “no”, which router can you recommend for me?

    Thanks beforehand.

  2. Greg / Mar 22 2015

    The CCRs are doing OK right now. If you have an x86 with larger procs, that is a great option also.

    From what I understand ROSv7 is supposed to multithread the BGP process, and we will probably hear about that very soon.

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