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Apr 10 / Greg

Broadband Communities Summit Day 2

FTTX Hardware

Greenfield install = “Brand new” building. Easier install as you can drop cabling before the walls go up.
Brownfield install = “Existing structure”. Harder/more costly to retrofit.
Some things that may be tricky with condos are that each unit is owned property, so there are legal concerns with running through/around.
No such thing as “cookie cutter” in the MDU market.
Know legal access laws.
Know aesthetic expectations.

New Advancements all the time:
New hardware.
New transmission techniques.

GPON = Gigabit Passive Optical Network.
GPON is 2.4Gb down and 1.2Gb up.
GPON is a shared medium – usually around 32 users per port.
Some ONTs can do active or passive. Active is ethernet(you have to insert an SFP), and you will also have symmetric, dedicated speeds per user.

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