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Sep 9 / Greg

Installing Rancid On Centos

I actually installed Rancid on my newest CactiEZ install. Rancid is a device configuration backup service. To view the CVS files that are created I used CVSweb.

I started with this tutorial to install Rancid on Centos…an extremely useful tutorial.

Once this was working I pulled the newest files from the CVSweb site. I dropped them into “/var/www/cgi-bin/” folder.

A quick tip: each time you edit the cvsweb config file be sure to restart your apache service( service httpd restart).

Another note: the rlog binary isn’t installed at this point. The quickest method is to install rcs with a simple “yum install rcs”.

Have fun my friends 🙂


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  1. Justin M / Sep 11 2013

    You can back up Mikrotik config with it. I’m sure it’s possible to do ubnt as well, somehow.

  2. Greg / Sep 11 2013

    Yarrrrrr. I think Andrew put up something about backing up MTKs.

  3. Ty / Sep 12 2013

    What Cacti-EZ version did you start with? Trying to run the step that installs the EPEL I get an error saying it needs two other libraries. And thus exhausts my linux knowledge. I’ll keep digging.

  4. Greg / Sep 12 2013

    I’m using whatever is newest. What’s the command that is tanking? Perhaps I can help.

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