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May 1 / Greg

Shutdown And Enable Radios On A Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

So I’m about to do some work with Ubiquiti in an environment that has a decent chunk of Cisco gear controlled via WLC. I want to kill allllll of the Cisco radios at once so I can do some spectral analysis before I do a complete transition. I found a few commands that will help you to list the APs, then shutdown/enable in mass.

First SSH/telnet into your wireless controller.

To list the APs:

show ap summary

Take the list of APs and format them as so to disable B G N radios:

802.11b disable ApName

The trick is to really just to make a list of all your APs in this fashion and paste them in.

To enable the radios do this:

802.11b enable ApName

To disable A N radios:

802.11a disable ApName

To enable them back:

802.11a enable ApName

This will allow you to enable/disable the radios in mass, which should make your task of testing just a little bit easier. 🙂

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