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Mar 17 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 14 – Airfiber Installs With Miller

In this one we have Greg(I have to apologize for my extreme tiredness in this one. I was on the tail end of a looooong sleepless week hehehe), JJ, Justin Wilson, and a new guest Justin Miller. I met Miller at the Vegas MUM and he’s been kicking around with us ever since. He is the brains for the largest WISP in Virginia and he is kind enough to share some of that grey matter with us.

We talk about:
Ubiquiti’s AirFiber
Mikrotik CCR installs
Sensor Ninja, JJ’s new project.
Interstate sealed batteries.
A little bit about Ubiquiti mFi experiences.
Wilson talks about Bitlomat. New AP/CPE equipment.

As always, let us know what you guys think!

Also, I LOVE this freeze frame preview of Miller’s face bwahahahaha…good times.

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  1. War / Mar 19 2013

    Howdy Greg and Gang.

    Enjoyed the video as always. However there was one thing that stood out. Trying to find literature that suggest enabling wpa2-aes will “yield” a performance boost over non wpa2-aes links. Not having any luck and is it really true?

  2. Greg / Mar 20 2013


    I’ve not seen it published anywhere, but I have heard it more than once from different people.

  3. Francois / Mar 22 2013

    I believe it has to do with the difference in encryption methods. AES is hardware based and TKIP is software based.

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