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Mar 14 / Greg

EU MUM 2013 Hardware

So first I want to say thanks to Tom Smyth for talking to me about all of the new cool stuff. Unfortunately the video I recorded dropped his audio(the app updated on convienently broke) X( . Hopefully he will pop on with me later and bullchive some more.

They dropped the presentation PDF quickly this year, so lets have a look, shall we 🙂

So they kept going on about this CCR thing…whatever that is about. They said a few new things about it like:

  • Software updated all the time
  • I’m not sure that is a bonus…or I suppose it is.

  • Speed improvements
  • Simple queues now 9X faster
  • Hardware encryption, L7, PPP, and others in works
  • Then they talk about some SXT stuff, which is great, I love the SXTs.

    These have been announced, but I haven’t talked about them sooooo:



  • Gig ports
  • 600MHz CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2.5dBi antenna
  • This has the same form factor as the 751 routers, but has a more powerful CPU and more RAM. I’m assuming these will replace the 751s?



  • 5 gig ports
  • SFP port on back
  • SwitchOS
  • Blah

  • $40
  • I like everything about this save for SwitchOS…just not a fan.



  • Single Mode – $29
  • Multi Mode – $22
  • This is a crazy good price for new optics!





    RB912 Outdoor Enclosure

    This looks AWESOME. I would say this is direct competition with the Ubiquiti Rockets. I’m willing to bet I can make a bracket that will let you mount this right on a Ubiquiti antenna 😛


    Features the new 911 inside.



  • Mini PCI E
  • 2GHz
  • 800mw
  • R11E-HPND


  • Mini PCI E
  • 2 and 5GHz models
  • 1000mw
  • RB14EU

    This has 4 slots for the new miniPCI-E cards as well as slots for 3G cards…a lot of power in a single card.

    SXT HG

    This looks like a cool new radio for distance P2P as well as client connections.

    SXT SA

    Sector SXT.


    2 or 5GHz.

    Cloud Core Switch – CRS


  • Runs RouterOS
  • 24 Gb ports
  • SFP slot
  • Wireless version – 2Ghz
  • Soooo they finally put out a real switch, or is it a router? Since it runs routerOS I’m going to say it’s a router(not really, it is a switch people). Thanks to Andrew for bursting my bubble by telling me that it has a 600MHz AR9344 CPU. I think this was a brilliant move on their part, but what I’m really waiting for is the price.

    I can imagine purchasing one of these to terminate A sizable chunk of P2Ps I have. Now we ask the question…will they make a version that has 12 SFPs and 12 copper or 24 SFP with 2 coppers?

    Right now I’m content with just the 24 copper 🙂 I also want to see a shot of the rackmount version.

    CCR with SFP+


  • 8 gig ports
  • 2 SFP+ ports – 10Gb interfaces
  • 16Gb RAM version
  • I think no one is surprised by this one, and everyone has been patiently waiting on it. As version 6 becomes more mature I think distributors will have a heck of a time keeping these on the shelf. This will make a terrific border/core router.

    I’m still entirely open to Mikrotik sending me free samples…especially of the new CRS switch 🙂


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    1. Omega-00 / Mar 14 2013

      more details about the CRS here:

      “CRS will be running RouterOS and will have routing just the RB750GL but with a 600MHz AR9344 CPU. Also the switch chip has tables for L3 wire speed forwarded, similar to other switches with L3 support.”

    2. Greg / Mar 14 2013

      It is a sadness that it doesn’t have a little more power, but again, it is a SWITCH, not a router.

    3. Tim Payne / Mar 14 2013

      Was there any discussion regarding price points for the CRS? Not sure about the other products. I already have a RB951G..which is just a fine little router. The RB260 is interesting, but would have been more interesting if it had 2 SFP ports as well as the CRS. So much for redundant fiber paths.
      I’m getting a head-ache trying to figure out all the different SXT and SEXTANT models. Rather hear about how well they don’t leak.
      When are they going to update DUDE or Winbox? Yea, that’s my ongoing soapbox topic.. Heehee.

    4. Greg / Mar 14 2013

      I wish I knew more!! Since the CRS is using an Atheros proc that only runs at 600Mhz, I’m guessing they are keeping the price low. Why not speculate, sounds fun…how about $150-$200?

      I was mulling over the same thing on the CRS…only one SFP cage instead of two.

      I love my winbox, but I can think of a couple of features the dude would be awesome with (namely mass backup with revision control/router OS update).

    5. Mathieu / Mar 14 2013

      I will glady use the RB912 on future deployment … We currently use Ubiquiti AirMax antenna with MaxWave UBTik ( RB411 with a case that fit behind the AirMax at some site.

      Maybe the SXT SA will also be a great sector … they tell 90 degree .. will see !

      As for the CCR/CRS I think Mikrotik have to build a CCR with a lot of SFP port to place in POP/Central Office. CRS and RB2011 are great for FTTH/FTTB, but on the CO side they don’t have any product with many SFP socket to receive all the client fiber.

    6. Greg / Mar 15 2013

      Hey guys, Thrift pointed me towards another discussion forum here.

    7. Phil C / Mar 21 2013

      that link to the pdf is so slow its brutal… let me re-host it for you 😉

    8. Greg / Mar 21 2013

      Patience is a virtue my friend.

    9. AndrewThrift / Mar 26 2013

      At a guess I would say the CRS has the Qualcomm-Atheros QCA871x/QCA851x as it’s heart.

      I just hope for a version with 802.3af POE out on all ports 🙂

    10. Greg / Mar 26 2013

      I’m assuming you want to power VoIP phones?

    11. Bobby / Mar 29 2013

      I would definitely want to power VOIP phones with it. I don’t know, it seems like the ideal all in one for a small or satellite office; I can’t imagine why they would use ROS for it unless it could serve as a router as well. Wouldn’t the switch chip provide all that is needed for the LAN ports and the processor would handle the routing between the LAN/WAN? You just wouldn’t want to disable the switch chip and use all 24 ports doing pure routing if I’m understanding you correctly.

    12. Greg / Apr 1 2013

      I think until this hits the market, we won’t really know for sure…as usual 🙂

    13. AndrewThrift / May 2 2013

      Yep, we would want to power VoIP phones as well as IP security cameras. If these ship with 802.3af it will make a near perfect branch office router.

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