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Feb 22 / Greg

Mikrotik RouterOS v6.0rc11 and v5.24 released

What’s new in 6.0rc11 (2013-Feb-22 09:17):

*) ppp – made MPPE encryption work on tilera;
*) sstp server – added option to force AES encryption;
*) fixed router crash on heavy traffic with sierra lte modem on boards with 32MB RAM;
*) CCR stability improvements Grab it while it’s hot CCR’ers!

What’s new in 5.24 (2013-Feb-19 15:29):

*) l2tp – fixed problem with reconnects when it added multiple ip addresses;
*) wireless – fixed AES encryption speed issues (upgrade suggested);
*) lcd – changed gamma, which gives greater contrast
*) fix reboot when running on third party hypervisors;
*) ppp client – fixed possible loss of configuration after reboot for some modems;
*) fixed wifi led order on “SXT Lite5”;

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