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Oct 1 / Greg

Mikrotik CCR Rumors

These are completely unfounded and unsubstantiated, so take them with a grain of salt.

So the name of the device is the “Cloud Core Router”. When I hear cloud I first want to vomit and next I think of virtualization.

I heard someone say that the CCR boots the Mikrotik ROS into a virtual machine. They said that “it would even have the ability to boot 3 separate 12 core routers on a single box.” Not that the 3 VMs is likely, just that it was possible.

I first thought that each interface would have a dedicated in and out CPU. I was told this is wrong and not to think of this the same way I do an X86 box.

Again, this is just my puny brain putting a few things together…what say you guys?

Andrew Thrift was kind enough to confirm this. He pointed me towards Andrew Cox’s post here.


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  1. Don / Oct 3 2012

    You were standing there when we had that conversation… I was offered special die cut labels (at some price that was meant to deter me) as a sarcastic joke.

    Excellent coverage you provided. Now if only Tiktube were updated with the presentations I missed…

  2. Greg / Oct 3 2012

    Indeed sir. 🙂 When I’m attempting to recount things I’ve heard I try and be as vague as possible…I can never properly remember the way they were relayed to me…hehehe

    There are a couple of presentations I missed that I want to catch up also…I’m hoping they will be up within a couple of weeks.

  3. Don / Oct 4 2012


    You missed out on another conversation between Janis, Tom Smyth, and myself…

    Again, back to my smallest fiddle in the world (tiktube updates) remember that first time seen image of the internals at the start of the CCR presentation…

    Tom & I cornered him on the second power header.
    Also on power it contains a 24V 4AMP internal PS, and maximum load possible is “said” to be 95w. I complained that they should have had a P3 there for us to see as that is a HUGE selling point for me. If they deliver what I asked for, I would have all SFP interfaces with 4 VM’s running, and each pair of CCR’s would replace 8 sets of:
    Cisco 7201: 85W 4x1Gbe 2Mpps+ 1.67-GHz Motorola Freescale 7448

  4. tom / Oct 4 2012

    Some info that I managed to get out of Janis during the training 😛

    CCR1036-12-4 does not have redundant power supplies (as we know) and plans for redundant PS on the CCR for the future are bleak, but you can connect the 2nd power header.

    The fans inside the CCR are currently not redundant (there are 2, but not 2×2), but that is possibly not the final design yet.

  5. Greg / Oct 4 2012


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