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Jul 18 / Greg

Tilera / Mikrotik Press Release

Thanks to Andrew, this is old news…how he finds all this stuff I’ll never know 😉

EDIT, thanks for the proper link Normands!
It appears as if there is an official press release from Tilera talking about how the Mikrotik CCR is using their 36 core chips.

They confirm a couple of things:

  • Mikrotik is running with it…duh hehehe
  • It is 64 bit, which means RoS will support 64 bit in some fashion soon.
  • They will use the hardware encryption built into the chip.
  • Future members of the CCR family will support multiple 10Gbit SFP+ fiber ports and tens of gigabits of network throughput.

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    1. Greg / Jul 18 2012

      Thanks mate, I’ve updated the link! Any other inside information is welcome 😉

    2. AndrewThrift / Jul 18 2012

      Its great to finally have confirmation of what we had speculated on for the last 4 months.

      Next pick – Mikrotik will introduce IPS functionality on the Cloud Core platform. Why ? Well they have asked for feedback on IPS in the past, it would allow more comprehensive protocol detection (super mangle) and there is now a multi-core fork of SNORT called Suricata that has proven performance on the Tilera platform.

    3. Greg / Jul 18 2012

      @Andrew T
      Welcome sir! I was looking at suricata a while back…I found it via that same release. 🙂
      There have been several projects that I’ve wanted from MTK and this is one of them. I have been hoping for it ever since the announcement of meta-router. I was thinking that they would come out with some meta-router that would snap in to add the functionality…or at the time I did.

      I should think it will all come down to resource allocation. If each interface gets an incoming CPU and an outgoing CPU, then there isn’t much proc left to dedicate to intensive functions like this…unless you were to just take a slice from all the CPUs. Though you Kiwi’s are more clever than I am…what say you sir?

      Also, I wish they would create an extensive load-balancer(like F5 or Barracuda)…I can’t imagine it would be too difficult for them. The opensource balance project would be a good starting point.

    4. AndrewThrift / Jul 19 2012

      Hi Greg,

      From reading Tilera doc’s it looks like application developers can reference Tilera’s NetLib which splits functionality across the tiles. Tiles can run ZOL (Zero Overhead Linux) which allows them to run userspace threads without interrupts affecting them. This means high throughput with low latency.
      I would say from the reference story, that Suricata already has support for NetLib.

      I think IPS would be a great addition to RouterOS, but Mikrotik need to focus on getting 6.0 out the door and core functionality stable before they go and add major new cool stuff like IPS.

    5. Greg / Jul 19 2012

      @Andrew T
      Boom, sweet research sir. Since they will be maintaining 64bit RoS and their standard iterations, they will be so much busier. I do like the fact that they are concentrating on routing and wireless, not to say it is bad when some vendors go horizontally…;)

    6. Omega-00 / Jul 26 2012

      Hey @normis, I actually got the link posted to my site by one of the guys from Tilera who was following out post, and he linked to that one rather than the Tilera site, so I ran with it 😀

    7. Greg / Jul 26 2012

      This is Andrew’s way of saying his blog is better…it would seem just knowing that is better would be enough, but no…he has to throw it in my face! 😛

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