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Mar 25 / Greg

Normands Was The Coolest Guy At The PL MUM


Here’s the only evidence you need.

Let me focus in a little:

Little closer…

That’s it folks…I’m officially famous. I’m now retiring…I don’t need the blog or to show up to MUMs anymore. Good day sir.

Thanks for spotting it Andrew 😛


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  1. N.R. / Mar 26 2012

    OMG almost fell from my chair 😀

  2. Greg / Mar 26 2012

    You and me both kiddo! Anyone laugh at your shirt?

  3. Omega-00 / Mar 26 2012

    It can’t possibly be Normis.
    Everyone knows the real Normis has a great big manly beard! 😀

  4. Greg / Mar 26 2012

    And he traditionally has long flowing locks…a lion’s mane if you will. It is storied that his ability to teleport and spit 50 meters was derived from his hair.

  5. faiyazuddin / May 8 2012

    Normands sir, how are you i am faiyazuddin from india i received so many mails from you thanks for support me i watch your image its good..:-)

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