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Oct 21 / Greg

25 Pair / 50 Pin Amphenol Goof Cable

If you, like me, accidentally order 25 pair cable with the wrong gender on the ends, you will need a fix.

Oh, you mean they don't make these anymore...then why do you have them listed on your site for sale?!?!

They used to make gender changer adapters, but it appears that the demand for these types of connections have waned so much that they no longer make them.

Your only option now is to order a short cable that has the desired ends. I’ve found a “goof” cable from You can get a 6 inch cable with any combination of ends for about $11.25. That’s a pretty cheap/convenient fix.


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  1. Tom Waterloo / Oct 22 2011

    Small world. I bought all kinds of but sets, wands, tools and jacks from Mike Sandman five plus years ago when I was in telecom.

  2. Greg / Oct 22 2011

    Small indeed. They seem like pretty good people 🙂 All of their cable is made locally too.

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