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Oct 19 / Greg

Ubiquiti Edge OS

So at last Thursday’s Airmax convention type thing Ubiquiti announced that they are going to be running their own routing OS, EdgeOS.

From what I understand it is repackaged Vyatta. Vyatta has a community edition, and I’m going to operate under the assumption that this is what Edge is based on.

It looks like they’ve brought their CLI up to industry standards, which is nice. The config file is still a convoluted C++ style file šŸ˜›

They plan to have:

  • Web GUI
  • CLI
  • VRRP
  • OSPF
  • QoS
  • VPN
  • PPPoE
  • Justin sat through the presentation and has more details on it here.

    UBNT has a forum thread going with feature requests being listed here. It drives me bananas when products are announced, but have no official resource for documentation, so we will just have to wait for real details.


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    1. iam8up / Oct 19 2011

      From what I understand it is repackaged Vyatta. Vyatta has a community edition, and Iā€™m going to operate under the assumption that this is what Edge is based on.

      It is Vyatta. The two developers at Ubiquiti were with Vyatta. One was there for 5 years! Keep in mind Vyatta has been around for 6 years.

    2. Greg / Oct 20 2011

      Indeed. Thanks for the update. Did you make it to the show…if so, why didn’t you stop by and say hello. Not that my feelings are hurt *sulks*

    3. iam8up / Oct 20 2011

      I did, I was there. Andrew even said “Greg is over there” no more than 15 feet around the corner. Then I got pulled in other directions by other people and then I had to leave all of a sudden =(

      It’s totally my fault. I’m bad and I should feel bad.

    4. Greg / Oct 20 2011

      Such is life sir. Perhaps I’ll catch you at the next one? Honestly, I don’t even know your real name. You would have to say “I’m that 8up guy.” hehe.

    5. Greg / Oct 20 2011

      Who has time for such time wasters? hehehe

    6. Josh Luthman / Oct 21 2011

      I will say “I am that 8up guy” =)

      I guess you’re not headed to Animal Farm or the WISPA shows, are you? You only went to Vegas for the MUM?

    7. Greg / Oct 23 2011

      I’m not really a Can-o-pee guy, so I won’t be making it to the Animal Farm. I have a hard enough time getting away for 3 days of MUM, so I most likely won’t be making it to the next WISPA show. They did offer to let me sit a panel, though…which would help to inflate my already massive ego….hehehehe

    8. Iam8up / Oct 23 2011

      I am not a Canopy guy either, the show is about WISPs in general. It’s more about networking than anything else, like other shows.

      Sooner or later our paths will cross again, I’m sure!

    9. Greg / Oct 23 2011

      I did see the last day’s activities and have to say that it looks interesting. I have to go to MUM to keep my status, plus I love me some Latvians. If I swing another trip that is not a vacation with my wife I might get smothered in my sleep šŸ˜‰

    10. Iam8up / Oct 23 2011

      If she hasn’t been to SLC, I recommend it. Great places to eat. Rodizio, Red Iguana and The Pie are absolutely awesome!

    11. Greg / Oct 24 2011

      That’s usually what we do. We hit a convention and while I sit inside a room with no windows, she goes and sees the city…and then brags about all of the cool stuff she saw. šŸ™‚

    12. Iam8up / Oct 24 2011

      See you can take her there and say it was your amazing idea and you wanted her to have a good time =)

    13. Greg / Oct 24 2011

      She can smell a lie…and fear…I think they all can.

    14. Josh Luthman / Oct 24 2011

      We thought it up together, so it isn’t a lie. Take credit where it is due =)

    15. Greg / Oct 24 2011

      Unless I fully believe it I will fail the polygraph.

    16. Josh Luthman / Oct 24 2011

      Too good of a soul, it seems.

      I’m not leaving the industry any time soon and as long as you keep doing whatever it is you do we will meet some day. Just give it some time.

    17. Greg / Oct 24 2011

      Remind me when animal farm gets a little closer…several of the topics sound quite interesting. I’d like to make the IPTV one.

    18. Josh Luthman / Oct 25 2011

      Would you hate me if I told you Animal Farm is a little closer now? =P

    19. Greg / Oct 25 2011

      Correct sir, I now hate you *hates Josh*

    20. Josh Luthman / Oct 25 2011

      /me leaves head down kicking a stone down a street dimly lit by a flickering street lamp

    21. Greg / Oct 25 2011

      That’s right…don’t forget it.

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