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Oct 13 / Greg

MUM 2011 Update 1

The meet and greet was great! I saw a lot of the same faces, and plenty of new. Janis (not sales) is doing well and hopefully we get some more time to bullchive later. Normands is also doing well, aparently Oliver is almost 3, congrats 😉 Tons of my non Latvian peeps are here and thriving.

ROS is simple with Sergejs.

How to do some standard configuration.
Some CPE configs.
Demo of webfig.
Ability to edit skin.
The skin can be coppied and pasted.(be sure to also copy/paste your user groups).
Works via browser on any device.
You can change any menu’s description.(instead of saying wireless you can have the tab say “click this dummy”).

ROS Wireless with Uldis

Some great quick reference slides of bridging options and settings. I’ll post the link to the slides as soon as I find them.
802.11n frame aggregation can’t be used with WDS.
Throughput drops from 220Mb to 160Mb with WDS.
Dual pol 2 chain implementation recommended 25db of separation.
Use AES instead of TKIP encryption as it will give you increased throughput.

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