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Aug 30 / Greg

Mikrotik Newsletter 33

The PDF is here.

RB1200 gets speed boost in 5.7. They are saying that as much as 24% can be seen. They are saying “routing improvement”, but they list the results in fps, which is usually associated with switching performance(frames are layer 2 and packets are layer 3). I suppose we will see when the code comes out.


  • 400Mhz CPU
  • 64MB RAM
  • Dual chain
  • 2Ghz
  • 30dBm (1W) transmit
  • 16kV ESD protection on both Ethernet and Wireless

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    1. WAYLIFE / Aug 31 2011

      That would make sense to me though… because the router still uses the frames… no?

      Love the blog man… one of your posts helped me out today! Couldn’t remember what the vty line was for allowing telnet from router to router. Been outta the pocket for about 5 years. :\


    2. Greg / Aug 31 2011

      Thanks for dropping a comment…always appreciated.

      They measure the router’s performance by turning off routing and just using switching, so one has to be careful when reading results. They also test with routing, so I’m just being cautious.

    3. MT User / Sep 3 2011

      Has anyone actually tried 5.7 to see the real-world speed increases?

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