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Jun 6 / Greg

Just A Little Lock Picking

I’ve always wanted a set of lock picks and I finally picked up a set for Christmas. I got the Southord MPXS-14. It comes with a ton of picks, though I only use the smaller feeler pick and the tension wrenches.

I made a little video of me picking a couple of locks. It seems masterlocks are the easiest to pick. In the video you see the masterlock go in about 5 seconds or so. The other lock is just a generic lock that has been out in the weather for ages, so it is pretty stiff and unforgiving.

People are frequently concerned with data security. Firewalls and virus protection won’t help you if someone picks a simple door lock and borrows your equipment or takes the liberty of implanting their own equipment.

This made me realize that locks only keep out honest people. It seems most padlocks or door locks fall prey to a pick in less than 30 seconds. I can’t help but look at random locks now and think…”I could pick that.” Don’t worry…I use my powers for good, not evil 😉


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  1. Justin M / Jun 6 2011

    Google “bump key” then be scared.

  2. Greg / Jun 6 2011

    Bump keys are for savages. There’s no elegance to using a bump key.

    You might as well just use a “key to the city”: key to the city

  3. Bobby / Jun 6 2011

    One time, my brother’s stereo got stolen out of his car because he left it unlocked. A little later that day, I opened the cap of my truck and the tailgate fell open on me; the thief had tried to open it and the pathetic lock on my truck cap was enough to foil him. So locks also keep out the unskilled dishonest.

  4. Greg / Jun 6 2011

    Indeed. I’m not saying your average criminal is of high intelligence…for that matter I’m not even saying they are of average or moderate…hehehe. This is why I prop a bowling ball above my door and leave it unlocked. I’m opting for the cartoon security system.

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