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Apr 27 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.2 Released

*) fixed webfig; This is a pretty big one!
*) console – fixed problem with supout file generation and export that
appeared in version 5.1, it was causing console to enter busy loop
on some boards;
*) ssh client – added source address and remote command options;
*) user manager – added /tool usermanager profile;
*) route – fixed problem with missing connected routes;

For all of you brave enough or crazy enough, let me know how it does.


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  1. J.J. Boyd / Apr 27 2011

    Is it time for 5 yet? 🙂

  2. Greg / Apr 27 2011

    I’m going to say no. If this release stays stagnant for over a month, consider using it.

  3. Tito / Apr 28 2011

    I’ve been using v5.2 since 26th and it’s stable. Haven’t found any problem yet. I still wish that profiles could disconnect user upon limit reached. Still hasn’t been fixed yet or addressed.

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