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Mar 10 / Greg

New 2011 Mikrotik Products

This is fresh off the press from the Budapest MUM.


This appears to be your all in one tower solution. The documentation says 4 sectors and one backbone, though I would think you could do ring completion with this unit. Two backbones, heading in either direction while running 3 120 degree sectors.

You could always do 2X2 N off of this guy if you so choose.


As dirty a word as 2GHz is, I’m glad to see these guys come through. I know the 5GHz 711 was well received…especially at the price point. I’m hoping the 2Hn will be equally as inexpensive.


I’ve been having users configure their towers with 750 at the base and MTKs at the top. Now you can eliminate the PoE injector and run it straight off of the 750!!! This is a brilliant move. I wish they would have done this with the 750G also. With the 750G’s processor you would have been able to handle just about anything, not that the 750 won’t handle most every situation just fine. Another downside to this is that the PoE is only 24V and is not user selectable as far as I can tell, though it does say controllable PoE out. I don’t know if this means PoE off or on or can you adjust the voltage(with on or off you have remote reboot capabilities on your towers!). I also LOVE the fact that you can monitor the voltage and current via SNMP. A very shrewd move on Mikrotik’s part!


Again, my cup over flowith! 750 form factor with built in wireless card. If the price point is low enough on these guys, I’ll keep a stack in my car to sell to users when I do installs. These would probably make good omni CPEs in close applications.

RB751U and RB751G

This is about double the depth of a standard 750, otherwise it is the same size. This guy is rocking MIMO N 2X2. It also has an external MMCX connector for additional antenna connectivity. From what I understand it is a shared connector. This thing has 1W of output power. Let me say that again…1W…not very SOHO if you ask me 😉 They were also kind enough to include the USB port on the side. I can see using this in a high throughput office application.


This is the big daddy version of the 1100AH. The dual core CPU is a WELCOME addition. It is about time they have moved into the high performance community. It looks like we still have the split switching ASICs, which is too bad. This guy should do well as a PPPoE aggrigator or super kung-fu QoS box.


This one is something of a mystery to me. It doesn’t appear to have as much kick as the 1100AHx2, but it has one set of switching ASICs. I’m not sure where this fits in. Though, it may have more throughput to the backplane…who knows until they release the specs.


This is Mikrotik getting serious. This is a metro ethernet switch if I have ever seen one. This is exciting! Comon people! One SFP port, 5 gigs and 5 100Mb ports. Industrial design. This is the hardware MPLS/VPLS was made for. Not only this, but it still maintains the USB for backup connectivity and a 2Ghz wireless card. The kitchen sink attachment will be out in the fall. I am on pins and needles to see the price point on this guy. I would not hesitate for a second to drop this off in a customer space. If this board were any badder, it would walk up and slap you in the face. I hope that it has an 800+MHz processor. Not that it necessarily needs it, but I would like to see it.


What can I say about the groove. No one will argue that this isn’t the direct answer to the bullet. Same form factor and same look. I’m interested to see what the minimal design will do for them. It seems like this would be good for distance CPE shots.


The Omnitik looks like it will be a good outdoor access solutions…golf courses and the like. It looks like an upside down popcicle…the kind where you have to break it apart…hehe. Hopefully it comes in orange flavor.


I’m excited about Mikrotik hardware. This is the first time I’ve been able to say this in about 1.5-2 years. With Nv2 and this plethora of new product, they are going to hoard market share like a fat kid in a twinkie factory. I’m excited for the RB751-2n…I hope they have it priced right. I’m excited about the RB2011, this looks like an earnest attempt at the telco last mile market. I would have liked to see them add the SFP ports to the RB1200 and the RB1100AHx2. I really just need to see product sheets and street pricing. Next step will be to get my hands on some of the gear.

Very good time to be in networking. What are you guys most interested in?


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  1. Tim Payne / Mar 10 2011

    The RB1100AHx2 really interests me. Horsepower, and a switch!! I can get rid of my Linksys 16 port giga-switch (which I’m only using 10 ports). Whoo-Hoo.. Now, what’s the price point on all these goodies today? 🙂 🙂

  2. Greg / Mar 10 2011

    Also with the price, what’s the supply chain going to be like. I know getting the RB1100s has been pretty difficult as of late. I hope hope hope they can get volume out.

  3. Bobby / Mar 10 2011

    Freaking amazing. For the record…I never said I was leaving Mikrotik…it was just that one job…it was an innocent mistake…a harmless flirtation…

    They all look great; for me, the RB750UP looks fantastic and of course the 2n. I would definitely like to see an RB250P also.

  4. Greg / Mar 10 2011

    The only thing Mikrotik doesn’t make is a low cost 900MHz. One must still go with UBNT for that, but otherwise it is starting to look difficult to even contemplate any other vendors 🙂

  5. Justin Wilson / Mar 10 2011

    the 2011 interests me. I want to see a board with all SFP ports. Would be awesome for fiber to the home.

  6. Greg / Mar 11 2011

    Seems hard to believe they could compete with an all SFP piece of equipment…though they are doing a good job of it now. 🙂

  7. N.R. / Mar 11 2011

    hehe, glad you like the new stuff.

    1200 will be lowest cost rackmount. in this order of price/performance -> rb2100, rb1200, rb1100, rb1100ah, rb1100ahx2

    rb751 mmcx is to substitute one of the onboard chains with an external antenna. one of the onboard chains will still be on (as you need two chains for MIMO)

    omnitik will also have power out feature on 4 ports (yay!). the ports will be shielded on all poe out products.

    rb2100 will have a new generation never before seen high performance cpu, but it will be super low cost.

  8. Greg / Mar 11 2011

    Normis strikes again!

    I must have completely skipped over the RB2100!

    So the RB1200 will be even less expensive than the 1100, which means it will be in the $200 range?

    So the omnitik will be able to feed power out to 4 other devices…interesting…would be good for PoE IP cameras. Would be great for that actually.

    Hey Normis…when are you guys going to ship me all the review samples?

  9. Tim Payne / Mar 11 2011

    Is there a typo here… I thought it was an RB2011, not a RB2100.. or did I miss a model?

  10. Greg / Mar 12 2011

    I think that was a typo. I googled for an RB2100 and didn’t come up with anything.

    That being said, the RB2011 will be the cheapest router…which I’m hoping will put it right around the $100 mark…or less 😛

  11. Tim Payne / Mar 12 2011

    A $100 dollars or less? This is with a Fiber connection, right? I’m going to be pleasantly surprised if that is true. I’m going to find some interest in the “OmniTik” and the “RB751G” depending upon the price points.

  12. Greg / Mar 12 2011


    This is all just speculation on my part…who really knows? Well, Normis knows, but he’s not saying. “Loose lips sink ships”

  13. Onsongo / Mar 21 2011

    The RB 751G is calling out to me with its 1W 802.11n goodness.

  14. Greg / Mar 21 2011

    I take it your microwave broke and you need to make popcorn?

  15. Danijel / Mar 22 2011

    Does anyone know if the SFP port is 100/1000? or only 1000?

  16. Greg / Mar 22 2011

    Until they put the product specs up on, I don’t know…sorry. Though Normunds might have an answer.

  17. Roscoe Williams / Apr 17 2011

    Hey Greg, great products, thanks for sharing.

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