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Feb 14 / Greg

OpenWRT On Mikrotik Metarouter

The idea of running a lite linux server on your Mikrotik router is quite appealing. I can think of many uses: Asterisk PBX, lite web server, haproxy load balancer.

Mikrotik’s official documentation is here.

Mikrotik was kind enough to compile and patch a version of OpenWRT, though there seems to be little documentation otherwise. I made a quick video on getting it loaded, changing the password and changing the IP/routing.

Configuration Files


Service Commands


List of source files.

Page on how to build the the above source for your router.

I don’t have time for much these days, otherwise I would do some compiling and testing. If you guys have precompiled files you would like to send my way, or if you have a repository somewhere, please let me know!


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  1. erik / Jun 4 2012

    Hi Greg, great video. I actually stumbled my way through that whole process about a year ago but this is a great resource for anyone just getting into the whole MetaRouter/OpenWRT thing.

    Quick question: I see how you set the root password in the OpenWRT console, what I’ve noticed is reopening the console through WinBox will still not prompt for the password. Only accessing externally through SSH will the password be prompted. Is there a way you know of to always require a password when opening the console in WinBox?


  2. Greg / Jun 4 2012

    I’m sorry I do not. I haven’t touched it since I wrote this article 😛

  3. erik / Jun 5 2012

    This forum post answers my question:

  4. Greg / Jun 5 2012

    Thanks for the update!

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