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Jul 26 / Greg

New Wireless Mikrotik RB750?

I figured they would debut the new wireless RB750 at this years MUM, and perhaps I have additional evidence to support this. A new 750 arrived this week sporting an interesting knock out on the side…is that for airflow or an antenna 🙂

See it over there on the right

Ahhh, yes. There it is 🙂

Perhaps this is for a USB port?


Perhaps for hooking up a hard drive for an instant NAS? (Thanks for the possible clue James :P) Perhaps it will also accept a 3G USB connection?

Is that closer Normands?

Here’s some shots of the PCB:


Old PCB can see where the, probable, USB header is and some missing SMDs.


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  1. N.R. / Jul 26 2010

    maybe neither 😉

  2. Greg / Jul 26 2010


    James sitting next to me has an idea of what it may be…have a look back at the post.

  3. Joro / Jul 27 2010

    Hi all. RB750 with USB or/and WiFi is new bestseller. I wait similar router from Mikrotik. 🙂

  4. N.R. / Jul 27 2010

    Open the case, it’s very easy to do, and doesn’t break warranty. Maybe you will see something on the PCB

  5. Greg / Jul 27 2010

    Hehehe….it defiantly looks like a USB header to me.

  6. nz_monkey / Jul 28 2010


    Seeing this made my day.

    Now i just await my dream multi-core rack mount Routerboard with SFP’s, and a RB750 type unit with VDSL/ADSL.

  7. Tim Payne / Aug 1 2010

    This is kind of like the RB433AH… you could see the location of the USB headers outlined on the PCB, and shortly after that came the RB433UAH.. I’m sure it will be the same eventuality. Now, if it will only be a powered port so I can use my Sprint USB stick.

  8. JJ / Aug 5 2010

    What lens you use for capture? Is it the 100mm Macro?

  9. Greg / Aug 5 2010

    I use my old sony camera…I have it in my laptop bag 😉

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