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Jun 13 / Greg

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

My boy JJ passed this on to me: These guys write a multi lingual book on designing and implementing networks for the developing world. What does this really mean? They give you practical application on developing networks on a shoe string budget…which is basically everyone I know in the WISP industry…hehehe.

Here’s the download page.

Did I mention that the book is free…:)


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  1. J.J. / Jun 14 2010

    That was a secret… lol we might as well give up now you gave away the cookbook! j/k It is a great read. I especially like the making antennas part.

  2. Greg / Jun 14 2010

    Ha, people who visit my site don’t have the patience to read…we are instant gratification kind of people.

  3. BagNin / Jun 15 2010

    It’s a great book

  4. sdk / Jun 22 2010

    Great book! Thanks for the info!

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