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May 24 / Greg

Photoshop Pen Tool

As you can see, the site has a new look. I’m going for a cleaner, fancy-pants look. My new logo is based off of the “flammable” warning sign. I wanted to use the logo, but I needed it in a format that would scale. How does one go about this? I found that most people used the pen tool. So I loaded up my base picture and then grabbed the pen tool. I clicked once…clicked twice…wait…this isn’t working right…what’s this thing doing?!?! The pen tool requires…*gasp!*…some instructions! Reading a manual would be full surrender, so instead I headed to youtube. I found this tutorial which is INCREDIBLE!

This video was so good, I had to email the author, which sells high res versions of his tutorials if you guys are interested in such things.

After the 25 minute tutorial, I was able to create my design in about a half hour. I also grabbed a new font from These guys have a “custom preview” option where you can type in some test text and it will render it in their various fonts.

Well, happy photochopping!

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