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Dec 30 / Greg

Christmas Gift From Space

And I’m not talking about Will Smith. I finally got into the office today and found a present from one of our security guards. Turpin( I love to call him officer Drebben) is this, obviously, crazy older gentleman with a sense of humor as dry as the Sahara…heh. So I opened the xmas card and it said something about having to go to space to get the present. I unwrapped it and it is a copy of Buzz Aldrin’s book Magnificent Desolation. I then flipped open to the first page and guess what was there…

A signed copy!

Turpin is also an air traffic controller, so he is a flight/space nut. It’s beyond me what convinced him to give me something this cool…I did fix a slot machine for him…hehe, but that was 5 minutes worth of work. 🙂

A little about Buzz from wikipedia.

Buzz has a pretty good right hook too.

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