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Jun 18 / Tommy Croghan

The Brother WISP 163 – Preseem Sponsor Highlight


This week we have Tommy, John Osman, Greg Lipschitz, Jeremy Austin and Dan Siemon to talk about Preseem as our new sponsor


This week we talk about:

0:00:59 Introduction
0:05:30 Preseem elevator pitch
0:09:16 Tommy’s Story with Preseem
0:12:28 What is QOE?
0:15:35 Onboarding Time and what Preseem boxed look like (Hardware requirements)
0:19:50 Question “How many queues can you handle?”
0:22:40 CGNAT?
0:25:04 QOS is Bunk!
0:28:59 Is Preseem afraid of the availability of FQ_Codel/Cake in commodity (Mikrotik) hardware?
0:32:40 Is Preseem only for Wireless? What about other Tech? (DSL, Fiber, Cable, PTMP technologies)
0:34:29 The value of Preseem, our access networks need improvement. Why Preseem
0:50:30 Does not replace actually having sufficient bandwidth! But can help.
0:53:41 The classical solution of throwing bandwidth at all of the problems doesn’t help either.
0:57:40 Where does Preseem+ fit in?
0:59:48 What about when you have multiple ingress/egress paths? (diverse upstreams in your network)
1:04:30 What about when the Preseem box fails?
1:06:30 Is Docker an option?
1:08:50 What about integration with other platforms? (Billing software)
1:10:30 Can I just get Preseem+?
1:12:05 IPv6 support?
1:16:10 Multi-Queueing?
1:20:56 Transport Technologies beyond IPv4 and IPv6? (VLAN, VXLAN, MPLS)
1:20:20 Why the WISP Market and what’s the future look like for other technologies?
1:28:40 Goal is improving customer’s experience. (both you and your customer’s)
1:32:00 How to get ahold of Preseem.
1:36:45 How to get ahold of Greg
1:38:07 How to get ahold of John
John’s site: