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Jun 6 / Tommy Croghan

The Brother WISP 162 – Ubiquiti 60 GHz gear, Mikrotik V7, Flat network recommendations and more


This week we have Tommy and Jon


This week we talk about:
Ubiquiti 60 GHz gear announcements, various 60 GHz gear and a cool teardown video, AF60 and AF60LR are Class A Radios Use Caution when placing them!

1 Petabit per second per strand of Fiber

Ubiquiti Edgeswitch s16 Issues and Switch/Power Discussion.

Mikrotik ROS V7.3 RC1 & 2 and Comments on Cake Queues

Flat network woes and recommendations for avoiding annoying things 1:19:00 TCP Windowing issue?

Mimosa Announcements

Subscription Models and how unpopular they are.

Tom Smith BGP on BSD, X86 Routers

Relevant Links………

Fiber Store’s Mux ponder…

Tom Smith did a presentation at BSDCan about BGP on BSD…

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)