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Nov 26 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 57 – Indoor AC, Hosted Mikrotik Control, Choosing ISPs

This week Mike and Greg fight the after Thanksgiving nap to chat about the things.

This cast we talk about:
New Intro
Unimus 1.4.0 released
Ubiquiti nanostation AC passes FCC
Mikrotik submits an AC cAP to the FCC
Wispa drops new videos on youtube from wispaplooza
Thoughts on customer mikrotik controller platorm? – Contact Greg with thoughts
Choosing an ISP

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Nov 16 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP – Fusion Splicing A Beginners Guide

Greg and Brandon review one of the affordable Komshine fusion splicers straight from China.

*The audio has a deep hum – sorry guys*

They discuss:
Stripping and cleaving fiber
The fusion process
Fusion machine setup
Fusion machine maintenence
Visual Fault Location

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Nov 13 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP #Wispaplooza – OTDR Talk, Jirous With Brink

This is a compilation of Millennium and talking to us from Wispaplooza.

They discuss:
OTDR terms
OTDR operations
Jirous dishes
State of 11Ghz

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Nov 1 / Greg

Mikrotik SSID Emoji And Ascii

Every once in a while Andrew Cox sends me a link that is too good not to share…hehehe.

Check out this Mikrotik SSID Unicode generator.

It allows you to put in Emoji and ascii to spit out some hilarious SSIDs.

Once you get the unicode out of the generator you will need to put it in via CLI. The page gives you the command to put in, but you first need to know what wireless interface it is. To determine this you will need to do the following:

int wire print

This will list the interfaces along with their ID:

ID’s are circled in red

In the unicode paste section, change the “X” to the interface ID:

/interface wireless set X ssid="\C2\AF\5C\5F\28\E3\83\84\29\5F\2F\C2\AF"

For wlan3, it would become

/interface wireless set 2 ssid="\C2\AF\5C\5F\28\E3\83\84\29\5F\2F\C2\AF"

Have fun, and let’s see some of your interesting SSIDs.

Oct 30 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 56 – #Wispaplooza 2017 Wrap-up, Gear Talk

Miller, Mike, and Greg talk a bit about what and who they saw at this year’s show.

This cast we talk about:
Fiber Friday
Master Monday
Too many to name
Carbon Fiber Towers

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Oct 19 / Greg

Wispaplooza 2017 After Movie

I had a great time during my first trip to Wispaplooza, but man was it hectic. I met a good chunk of new people(not nearly as many as I would have liked). All the new faces were great, Britain, Richard(from Barbados), Christian(from Chile), Dmitry, Scott, Kevin, Ben, JD, Adam, on and on and on.

I was only able to attend session on Friday, but they were great. If/when I get to come back I plan to spend some more time doing these…maybe I can weasel my way onto a panel 😉

Thanks to Baltic Networks for taking us out to dinner!

Again, it was good seeing/meeting everyone, LATE!

Oct 1 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 55 – BGP Long Path Protection, Ubiquiti Investor Thoughts, Sonar Acquires WispMon

This cast we talk about:
Baicells Sponsorship
Microcom Sponsorship
Baltic Sponsorship
Tower Coverage Sponsorship
Sponsors need to signup a time for Wispapalooza between Tuesday and Wednesday – holler at Mike
Long path BGP advertisement filtering
As per the UBNT investor day, they have no plans to play in the CBRS range
Thoughts on recent Ubiquiti investment reports
Triple UBNT Labs products in 12 months
PowerBeam and LiteBeam Omnis
Ubiquiti AF5xHD
Unifi Video 3.8 PSA Port 7442
Ubiquiti GPS sync mixed mode AC+M
Sonar acquires WISPMon
EuroBSD COn 2017 Paris – and Tom’s erotic BSD fan-fiction(not a joke!)
How do you deal with network blaming?

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