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Mar 8 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 8 – ATA with Fire Panels, MTK Playbooks, SPF Records

Greg talks to just to you!

This week we talk about:
Mexican fried chicken with nacho cheese, avocado, and pico.
I had positive news today, and I refuse to allow myself to feel excited about it.
I was told “our company has a lot of smart guys that need you to know it, you’re not like that.” That I’m not a smart guy? LOL
Installing an HT818 for fire panel dial services…oh the joys
When was the last time you sent a fax?
I think I might knock the rust off my sleight of hand in the next few months.
MTK playbooks are going swimmingly!
So much for a day off…multiple calls and a server goes boom.
I’m too old to pick up stuff anymore…suuuuuuucks having a jank back.
nothing better than taking a shower in a hotel and drying off with their towels
out of town with a group and where do we go eat.. olive garden
SPF records can only have 10 DNS lookups, direct IPs don’t count towards your total.
Bind9 allows entries to be 255 characters long separated by “s, but the second set needs a space.
Coming at hate sideways sometimes gives pause.
ask experts about the special tools they use in their industry
SMTP windows to forward all point towards a smart host in delivery tab.
You can buy bulk leather cutoffs from hobby lobby cheap!
JB Weld + leather to fix my PB shoes
Southord jackknife lock pick set – first impression is acceptable.

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Feb 29 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 7 – Words Of Wisdom, Resumes, Always Sunny 13

Greg talks to Nick B today, and man do we go down some rabbit holes.

This week we talk about:
What are words of wisdom you would impart in a wedding speech?
What impresses you most on someone’s resume?
Always Sunny season 13 last episode…that dance scene tho
Controlbyweb modules for access control and dry contact monitoring.
The play where everything goes wrong.
Have an employee leave. “Document like everyone is quitting”
The wedding ceremony went well; I had a lot of good laughs and tears. I feel so energized after stuff like that…really makes me feel alive.
What NYC was like in 1911. Such an odd feeling when seeing it.

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Feb 25 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 6 – Pick Back Up, Commit Based Systems, When You Think

Greg talks to Nick B today, and man do we go down some rabbit holes.

This week we talk about:
I’ve got a handful of friends that I can just pickup wherever like we never skipped a beat LOL
Adding a policer to IOS-XR is so nice. The policy map configures in bps, kbps, mbps, or gbps.
your successes aren’t just yours. they are comprised of everyone that has helped you, so ignore the haters.
I write presentations in my head during cycle class.

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Feb 18 / Greg

Fire Panel Dialer to Grandstream HT818 ATA

I found myself in quite a pickle recently as a client needed a fire alarm dialer hooked up post haste for an inspection. I figured, “no problems, ire mon, bobsled.” Two and a half hours later it was working…perhaps it was more difficult than I thought. Here’s my config to get it working.

All of these configurations are done under the profile menu.

First is the DTMF method:

Priority 1 needs to be set to in-audio. This will take the DTMF tones and just shove them into the audio stream.
Disable DTMF Negotiate should be set to Yes so that it will grab in-audio and go with it.

Next is setting the codec to be used; Grandstream calls it vocoder:

Set “use first matching” to yes so it will use the supplied list.
Then set them all to PCMU which uses G.711U. Since this is the least compressed codec it is best for DTMF dialers.
I also set voice frames per tx to 10. It should be in a range of 2 – 10, and 10 seemed to work well.

Last is disabling echo cancellation:

First the dialer is a good distance from my ATA so I set the gain to -6 and Rx to -4.
Now disable both the Line echo canceller and the network echo suppressor.

After making these modifications and sacrificing two chickens everything started working. Good luck errbody!

Feb 16 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP 106 – COD Network Killer, Baicells CBRS, ROS VXLAN

This week Greg and Tomas try and avoid being ambushed by his cat…which you can regularly hear barreling across his desk LOL

This week we talk about:
COD keeps slaughtering networks.
Baicells CBRS not supported by Gen1 CPEs; early adopters are not best pleased.
Miller found a CLI verson of
Mike Knittel says if chrome 80 is bricked on some stuff, try downloading the self signed cert and loading it into your store.
What do you do for emergency copper splices? Greg does it dirty.
Greg recertifies his CCNP, cause he’s a responsible adult.
Greg moving back to esxi from proxmox for my lab…*sigh*
Mikrotik ROS 7.0beta5 – VXLAN support, VRRP connection tracking data replication
A google search for Mikrotik Chateau shows a new home router design on some vendor sites. Looks to be V7 only.
Unifi USW flex mini 5 port managed switch for $29
Unimus 2.0.0-Beta1

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Feb 10 / Greg

Simple Interface Policing In IOS-XR (ASR9000)

First I’ll create a simple policy that will match on 2gbps. The policy map in IOS-XR is a dream, it lets you specify speed in bps, kbps, mbps, or gbps…stupid simple.

policy-map 2gig
 class class-default
  police rate 2 gbps
   conform-action transmit
   exceed-action drop

So class “class-default” is a built in class that basically says “match all”.
Conform action is transmit, so as long as they are within 2Gbps all it through.
Exceed action says everything else, drop.

Now apply the limit to my interface:

interface TenGigE0/1/0/11
 description [Customer 1]
 service-policy input 2gig
 service-policy output 2gig

Good luck and happy rate-limiting.

Feb 8 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 5 – CCNP Recertification, Fighting with Linux, Red Herrings

Greg talks to James about the things.

This week we talk about:
RFC2544 test using me3400e as a loopback device(“Ethernet loopback”).
Plan to recertify my CCNP before end of February so I don’t have to deal with the new material.
The netflix show The Circle made me die inside a bit
I knew it, but I forgot…Route-policies are mandatory for eBGP peers in IOS-XR
Zayo had a cut in Austin, which resulted in packet loss in Houston…somebody is way oversubscribed on their redundant links…
I would trade years to eat anything i wanted and stay body healthy
almost a year after kidney stone and I still haven’t fully recovered…sigh
we have texas flags everywhere…everyone that fanatical?
It always feels like everything in Linux puts up a fight compared to Windows
What are interesting scenarios you can fulfill using ansible with MTK?
I can’t make myself care about football…eh.
HSRP/VRRP preemption only needs to be configured on the higher priority peer.
GLBP uses active virtual gateway to respond to arp requests supplying macs of differing gateways.
TuffToe to fix PB shoes
Cisco portfast is enabled auto when voice vlan added, but not removed when vv removed
Native vlan on a Cisco trunk port will strip the vlan tag on that link for the native vlan.
Red herrings during change windows
Cisco switch CDP/STP/remote admin stop, but is still passing traffic…YIKES.
My knees have been feeling loose lately…sleeves have been helping
thoughts on the rectification process…the pat down

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)