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Sep 27 / Greg

DIY Pickleball Picker-Upper

I made a quick and dirty pickleball retriever for my pickleball throwing machine. It was all about $12 total.

If you get crazy and make one, drop me note!

Sep 15 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP 97 – Passive PoE Thievery, Mikrotik Extreme Performance, RouterOS Version 7

This week Greg, Mike, Tommy C, Andrew Thrift and Andrew Cox join their voices in chorus; we’ve been working on our acapella. Unfortunately someone didn’t wear headphones while recording so the audio is back to it’s old self…we’ll be back to normal next cast.

This week we talk about:
Greg has been blogging for over 10 years now
Michael Ducharme – Ansible yes/no bug…what a bummer. Fix is
Greg uses two passive poe injectors and a Y barrel cable to harvest power and pass it along.
Installing Cisco’s Virtual Wireless Lan Controller in Proxmox is easy
Please remind Greg that in Linux a period before a filename makes it hidden *sigh*
Miller found a GoalZero Yeti, temp replacement for a generator.
unms free cloud hosting (not sure if this has been discussed)
EU Strong customer authentication (SCA) for credit card payments live sept 14th — 3ds v2
Tom says in 6.44.5 if yo uhave a drop in/out input rule for invalid you must explicitly allow GRE/EOIP for tunnels.
Mikrotik Audience is on, so likely shipping soon
New Mikrotik model strings in ROS: CCR-eOW-12x100G-36x25Gw, CCR-eOW-1x25Gw-2x10GC, CCR-eOW-1Gw-1G. “Extreme Performance”
LAG with CRS305 works, but switchOS sucks. Mikrotik LAGfast path on receive only. CRS326 does it in hardware. Eh, I’ll just use a Cisco4948.

Mikrotik V7 Below
Mikrotik releases V7…seriously. Released for ARM right now – HapAC2
Brock suggests going to
WAPGR LTE/4G/LTE-US testing, to get v7 ready for upcoming 5G products, according to Sergejs
MPLS/BGP disabled right now…aparently there’s RIP, though. Rumor milll says routing will be around very soon.
UDP OpenVPN – Yeah boooooiiiiiii
Cox’s keen eye spotted torrent support “download-directory”
split rib and fib – spotted by thrift

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Sep 11 / Greg

Install Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller On Proxmox

This is quick and dirty instructions for myself in the future…sorry if they are short.

First, locate the vWLC image you’d like to use. I chose MFG_CTVM_8_9_111_0.iso.

Create a new VM in your virtualization platform of choice. Here I used proxmox.
I created it with 2GB of RAM, two CPUs, 32GB of storage, and it must have two NICs given to the machine.

When prompted to cancel auto-install, type yes. This will give you a step by step wizard that allows you to get it off the ground. Important bits are the IP address you plan to give it on the management interface.

Once this has completed, you can enter the following to enable the web GUI interface “config network webmode enable“.

And awaaaaay you go.

Sep 1 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 96 – Security Issues, Centurylink Outage, UBNT New Hardware

This week Greg , Nick A, Mike, and Thomas cover a lot of ground; must talk about all the things.

This week we talk about:
MikroTik CHR perf issues with AMD Epyc
30+ Cisco unauthenticated RCEs for various Cisco equipt.
Cisco IOS-XE critical (10/10 CVSS) auth vuln
Kubernetes DoS vulns
Webmin unauthenticated RCE vuln (supply chain attack)
Unimus 1.10.4 release
DIY USB Powered Fiber Tester
Pinpointing outdoor fiber damage
Centurylink’s mystery outage due to 4 malformed packets
Greg finally plays with a modern capsman install
Chad uses option 82 to send interface name back to sonar for authentication “remote agent ID”
Twitch hits 2.2 mil total concurrent viewers during WOW Classic launch – 10+ Tbps traffic
Ubiquiti Unifi Talk Controller – Ubiquiti voip system
Ubiquiti AirFiber60 – 60ghz dish antenna with 5ghz failover
Ubiquiti Sunmax Solar
Is the movie Brazil good or bad, and why it’s terrible
Great British Bakeoff is back(The world rejoices)

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Aug 29 / Greg

DIY USB Powered Fiber Tester

Using a cheap TP-Link media converter you too can make a portable fiber tester. The SFP cage allows you to swap optics to fit whatever fiber you’re trying to test.

This particular media converter ships with a 9 volt wall brick, but fortunately it’s happy to run the SFP cage off of a 5V usb charger; all you have to do is make a custom cable for it.

Link to media converter HERE.

Aug 18 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 95 – Mikrotik 60Ghz Tuning, Neighbor Discovery, ROS Post Exploitation

This week Greg , Miller, and Tomas catchup about Mikrotik, Mikrotik, then a little bit of Mikrotik.

This week we talk about:
Miller – LHG 60 experiences
Miller – Neighbor discover over bonding interfaces
Mikrotik copper 10Gb SFP
Mikrotik newsletter 90
RouterOS post exploitation – local only method to gain shell access
Urgent 11

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Aug 5 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 94 – Urgent 11, Yeahlink W/ 3CX, Ansible

This week Greg and Mike sneak a cast in a day early(shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone).

This week we talk about:
Urgent 11 – vxworx vulnerabilities – dell powerconnect, sonicwalls, etc.
Greg is learning ansible
WISPAMERICA Dallas March 16
4011s SFP+ issues with 6.45.x – acknowledged issue, could be repaired at this point.
Proxmox 6.1 is getting a networking overhaul – vxlan/eVPN
Resetting a yealink phone via TFTP
Yealink phones on 3cx requires you to add multiple accounts for multiple extensions
“Mike’s” Ansible for UBNT virus

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