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Oct 22 / Greg

Mikrotik Changelog 4.1

The 4.X change log can be found here.

I’m going to go ahead and say that I wouldn’t recommend upgrading unless you have a specific need…as in 802.11n. I usually try and wait until they get somewhere between .5-.10…unless they introduce a feature I just gotta have 😉

*) fixed problem – RB750 (clocked at 300MHz) Ethernet did not work;
This does seem to be a rather large fix, so for all of you early 750 adopters, myself included, if you took the 4 plunge, be sure to upgrade.

*) fixed problem – routes on some interfaces (like VLAN) were not activated;
Another big fix.

*) dhcp server – added support for dynamic address-list entries;
This sounds like an interesting new feature. I take from this that as users are given DHCP addresses, they are added to an address list. When used in conjunction with a firewall rule, this should keep users from assigning themselves static IPs. I’m sure there are other uses.

*) hotspot – added support for dynamic address-list entries;
Again, sounds like it could be quite useful.

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