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Oct 26 / Greg

Subspace…How I Remember Thee…

I remember being introduced to subspace right around the time it was released…I must have been 14-15, give or take. My cutty Paul got me hooked. This was the first Massively Multiplayer Online game I’d played. I still remember soliciting for players to join my frequency and attack the little area in the lower right.

You get to pick one of 8 ships, each of which has it’s strengths and weaknesses. It is a 2D overhead view. There are different “zones”. Each zone has different gameplay and even ship attributes. I remember you used to be able to play in the amature areas for free until your character gained too many points…at which point, you would simply make a new character and continue to play for free…hehe.

Good news is, this game continues on as freeware! It’s now called continuum…the name changed, but everything else stayed the same. I generally run around in trenchwars and hangout in whatever the secondary pub is…pub 0 is for chumps 😉 hehe. Trechwars is basically team domination, centered around a small castle shaped fortress. The Terrier(ship 5) is something of the mothership in TW. Players can attach to the terrier and become a turret on it. You then disconnect from being a turret and now you have warped yourself to where the terrier is. Soooo, you try and get your terrier in the base, then everyone attaches and attacks…and a good time is had by all. Look me up, “BuSy_keniff”. I checked my usage and I’ve only logged 120ish hours since early 2000s 😛

subspace 4 life

subspace 4 life


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  1. Jimmy / Oct 26 2009

    Best part of that screen shot.

    “You have been put in spectator mode due to high latency”

    At least we know you weren’t playing at work!

  2. Greg / Oct 28 2009

    I’m all business at work 😉

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