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Oct 12 / Greg

MUM Update 1

Met some of the Latvian’s so far, Normands is a pretty cool cat. He commented on my blog a while back on the 450G BGP testing.

Hardware updates:

  • The RB750s will be coming out with a wireless version.
  • The RB750s will also be coming out with a gigabit version.
  • The RB1000 will be coming out with a new version that has more ports.
  • A note on the 411R is that not only do they not have a serial port, but they don’t have a power plug either…these guys are PoE only!

Usermanager new features in V4 of the OS:

  • You can change the logo…brand it as your own.
  • Edit the menus so that you can show as many or as few of the options as you want. This will help to lower confusion for non technical users.
  • COA feature allows you to boot users from within usermanager
  • Profiles – Create multiple bandwidth profiles
  • Flexible database backup/restore
  • Logs – single click clear and store as a separate file

In development for usermanager:

  • Paypal/ integration
  • Payment API so you can integrate your own payment backend
  • User can login and check his balance or how much money he has left in the system
  • Better user reporting.
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