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May 20 / Greg

Cisco Live…looks like I’ll be there, will you?

Cisco Live
San Fran, here I come. Any of you guys going to be there? What should I see, where should I go?


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  1. Holden / May 20 2009

    Looks like a great event to make! As far as San Fran, I’ve only stopped over on my way to Maui wowi- I got nuttin’

  2. Greg / May 20 2009

    This is Mecca to Cisco-ites! I’m just a little excited about it…hehe.

    Thanks for nothing Holden, you are dead to me….hehe 😛

    I’m thinking Alcatraz, fisherman’s wharf, china town, urinate on a trolley…the usual tourist stuff.

  3. Holden / May 20 2009

    “Urinate on a trolley” reminds us all that Cisco is not just your average Solutions Provider- they make the greatest of all bum wines: Cisco BumWine

  4. Greg / May 20 2009

    Hehehe…”in the top 5 of greatest bum wines.” Good times. Holden, I had no idea you were a connoisseur of fine wines. Perhaps you would like to sample my 2006 Boon’s farm strawberry?

  5. Jimmy / May 21 2009

    Be sure you to buy your Alcatraz tickets well before you go, the last 3-4 times I was there (for Linuxworld) the tickets are always sold out weeks ahead of time.

    Definitely head down to Fisherman’s Wharf, just watch out for the Russian camera saleman. If they see you carrying a camera they do everything possible to try and bully you into buying accessories. Be sure to hold onto it good also, Tony almost had his stolen a few years ago while there.

    Also head out to the mountain to the left of the Golden Gate (Gold Gate Park?) where you get some nice shots of the bridge and the city on the hill. There is also a nice lookout point in the city (basically the tallest hill) where you can get some nice day and night shots of the Bay bridge.

    Just be sure to bring semi-warm clothes. Don’t let the “summertime” in California fool you, its always freakishly cold in San Fran. Immediately crossing the bay it heats up by 20 degrees.

  6. Jimmy / May 21 2009

    As for hotels, we usually stay at Hotel Nikko, which is really nice and only a short walk to the convention center. There is also a really good “50s style” restaurant Lori’s Diner just around the corner that you can stop at for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). We eventually just started eating breakfast there everyday.

  7. Holden / May 21 2009

    Right-O! Although quaffing that vintage Boon’s would be a taste yet to hit my unsophisticated palate- I’ll unabashedly pass on your offer, fine sir!

  8. Greg / May 21 2009

    Noted sir, and I reject your rejection.

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