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Apr 5 / Greg

Ansible Mikrotik Mass Configuration Fast – Mikrotik MUM US 2020

This is 30 minutes that will take you from zero to using Ansible for mass configuration of your Mikrotik devices. This will cover the very basics of Ansible, then follow with demonstrations on creating and using playbooks.

You can find my Ansible scripts in my GitHub repository.

Happy automating and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Sam Dudman / May 20 2020

    As always, great content Greg, many thanks for putting this together.
    Couple of things I had to do to get this to work for me:
    “ansible_ssh_host” in the hosts config wouldn’t work for me, had to change it to “ansible_host”.
    Un-commented “host_key_checking = False” in ansible.cfg so that ssh fingerprints weren’t checked for each host, otherwise got an error for every host that hadn’t already been logged into before.

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