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Mar 13 / Greg

Silencing An HP DL380 G6

If you have any unknown hardware, you will need to rectify that first.

After that make sure you set your power profile(in BIOS or ILO) to as low as you can(this will ramp things down when they aren’t needed).

Next, update your ILO firmware to the newest version possible. I found this link at that has the newest ILO firmwares. You can extract these firmwares on a linux box to get the .bin file.
Take that bin file and upload it via the ILO interface. One curious note is that I could not seem to get this to work, it would get to 99%, then fail. The log would spit out the message:

firmware upgrade via webpage failed

The fix was to run the update from firefox. Edge and Chrome just wouldn’t do it.

After following those steps, my server now runs whisper quiet!

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