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Apr 30 / Greg

Mikrotik Changelog 3.23

Here’s the changelog.

I’m going to do like always, and pick out my favorites :

*) fixed installation on fresh disks or VMs;
This one was a real problem, you couldn’t install 3.22 on a server…which was super fun hehe.

*) add 802.1ad Service Tag support for VLAN;
This is an exciting option. This is the open standard version of Cisco’s Q-in-Q tunneling. In essence, you run a metro Ethernet solution around town. You make a VLAN that spans from a customer location on one side of town to the other. The customer can plug a switch into your port and trunk across the link, even though you are only using a single access VLAN! Cisco does this by double tagging. In Cisco, you can also use L2protocol tunneling, which allows you to send CDP, STP, and VTP. Though if you do a QnQ tunnel inside of a QnQ tunnel, you can only use l2protocol tunneling on one of the tunnels, not on both. I learned that the hard way 😉 L2protocol tunneling uses a proprietary MAC, so if you are double tunneling, you can’t have that proprietary MAC show up twice. You will also want to adjust your MTU accordingly, since you are adding a VLAN tag onto a VLAN tag.

*) added URL support to fetch tool;
Perhaps we can do nightly config pulls via this method, or one could check if a site is available, and route accordingly.

*) console – removed support for octal numbers, now string of digits with
a leading zero is interpreted as decimal number;
This will be very helpful in scripts…I’m tired of checking for this in date values!..that is…if it works in scripts also.

There are several more updates in there, so take a peek for yourself.


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  1. Jimmy / Apr 30 2009

    I kinda interested in what they mean by
    *) added route cache statistics;
    I wonder if there is anything useful in there.

    And I’m usually worried by things like this
    *) fixed mesh protocol;

  2. Greg / Apr 30 2009

    I always look forward to the “*) fixed something major” lines…hehe.

    Route cache statistics could be referring to netflow exporting, Cisco refers to it as such…?

  3. Jimmy / Apr 30 2009

    Ya, but what I was wonder is whether this statistic information is available through SNMP also, and whether it would be useful to graph.

  4. Greg / Apr 30 2009


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