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May 10 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 27 – US MUM 2016, Switches, Upcoming Events

We are back peeps! Greg, Mike, Justin Miller, Justin Wilson, Alex, Tomas, and Tom chat about a few important things, and a lot of everything else. We gave a shout out to a few new people we’ve met, but please forgive me for forgetting a few(looking at you forestry service guys and Costa Ricans).

Topics include:

  • US MUM Hardware
  • US MUM Presentations
  • US MUM Announcements
  • Switches(CRS, EdgeSwitch, UnifiSwitch, etc)
  • Ubiquiti AmpliFi
  • Security FlowSpec
  • Unimus – backup system –
  • StrayaNet – MDU ISP –
  • To see the video please visit the link below!!!

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