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Aug 27 / Greg

Mikrotik Newsletter 61

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  • 2X2 dual chain
  • 802.11AC
  • datarates of up to 866Mbps (for D models)256-QAM modulation
  • 20/40/80MHz channels
  • JJ might see 80MHz channels out in the mountains, but not in my town…too dirty for that here.

    mANT30 Dishes

    A new round of 30dBi dishes. They look to be modeled after rocket dishes along with a quick mount for the mANT. They look very UBNT-esqe, and with the Mikrotik logo on the side I’m betting they are going to be solid pieces of kit.

    SXT AC


  • Up to 1300mW RF output
  • Up to 540Mbps throughput
  • Supports passive PoE and 802.3af/at PoE input (15-60V)
  • These cute little SXTs run AC. Claims of 540Mb P2P have me all a twitter. If this is exaggerated I’d still be pleased to see 220Mb.

    mAP 2n


  • PoE in 10-57V
  • Built in 2GHz AP
  • microUSB for a 3G/4G modem (includes adapter to standard USB), or for power input
  • Station or AP mode wireless
  • Any type PoE input 802.3af and 802.3at
  • Passive PoE output (same as input voltage)
  • These cute little guys are more expensive than I would have liked(I believe the 951 is cheaper), but they look fun non-the-less…and they are giving them out at the MUM!



  • Full wire speed switching
  • Configure ports as switch, or for routing
  • If required, full RouterOS routing power right there
  • Built in 802.11b/g/n Wireless AP 1000mW
  • Desktop case
  • Color touchscreen LCD
  • So I was waaaay off on my price guest. So I know Cox has one of these and he says they are getting better…perhaps it’s time to try one? Line-rate gig with an SFP port…it appears to have built in wireless. I think if I wanted a gig switch with SFP uplinks I would check out the TP-Link. What the Link doesn’t have is an SFP+ port…nor does it route. The routing performance on the CRS is equivalent to a 2011. I suppose it may fit well in a small soho.

    So you guys excited about the AC stuff or what?

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    1. N.R. / Sep 16 2014

      Just wanted to stress that the dishes are 100% our design by our antenna designers, the feeds are excellent, and in test, much better than the competition.

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