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Aug 27 / Greg

RouterOS v6.19 released

What’s new in 6.19 (2014-Aug-26 14:05):

*) wireless – improvements for nv2 and 802.11ac I’ve heard good things…anyone running this production yet?
*) sstp – make sstp work on i386 as well;Yaaarrrrrrr
*) ippool – improve performance when acquiring address without preference;
*) partitions – copying partitions did not work on some boards;
*) bridge – added “Auto Isolate” stp enhancement (802.1q-2011, 13.25.6)
*) ipsec – when peer config is changed kill only relevant SAs;
*) vpls – do not abort BGP connection when receiving invalid 12 byte
nexthop encoding;
*) dns-update – fix zone update;
*) dhcpv4 server – support multiple radius address lists;
*) console – added unary operator ‘any’ that evaluates to true if argument
is not null or nothing value;
*) CCR – improved performance;
*) firewall – packet defragmenting will only happen with connection tracking enabled;Let’s all say a big thank you to Janis for the following FW updates.
*) firewall – optimized option matching order with-in a rule;
*) firewall – rules that require CONNTRACK to work will now have Invalid flag
when CONNTRACK is disabled;
*) firewall – rules that require use-ip-firewall to work will now have invalid flag
when use-ip-firewall is disabled;
*) firewall – rules that have interface with “Slave” flag specified as in-/out-interface
will now have Invalid flag;
*) firewall – rules that have interface without “Slave” flag specified as in-/out-bridge-port
will now have Invalid flag;
*) firewall – rules with Invalid flags will now be auto-commented to explain why;
*) l2tp – force l2tp to not use MPPE encryption if IPsec is used;I just want to say how convenient configuring l2tp for clients has become…yep…
*) sstp – force sstp to not use MPPE encryption (it already has TLS one);
*) sstp – make it work for x86 systemsThey are so proud of this one they mention it twice..hehe
*) winbox – added dual PSU stats in health menu
*) ipv6 – Gre6 can now correctly fragment large packets
*) simple queue performance optimisation/improvement for multi-core RouterOS devices (especially CCR)I’m assuming this is x86 also?

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