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Feb 28 / Greg

Repair A Thumb Drive After ESXi

ESXI crunks up a thumb drive with multiple partitions that regular disk management can’t handle. Windows does have a command line tool that will repair it, though. This SuperUser article outlines the fix.

  • Connect your disk.
  • Run cmd as an Administrator.
  • Run diskpart.exe. Use ? if you need help in this program.
  • list disk
  • Find the disk that corresponds to your USB disk. select disk n where n is the number of the disk. Confirm that you’re using the right disk with detail disk.
  • clean (Warning: This command erases the disk’s partition information)
  • create partition primary. No size is needed if you want to use the whole disk
  • active. Marks the partition as potentially bootable.
  • format fs=fat32 quick. You can choose NTFS instead of FAT32 if you want.
  • assign. Assigns the disk a drive letter.
  • exit to quit.
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