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Sep 19 / Greg

USA MUM 2013 New Products

Some of this might not be brand new, but it was new to me, so shut it. Sorry for the terrible pics…they were on my cell and the projector is pretty terrible.


  • 2 or 5 ghz software selectable in single unit – SDR much?
  • Shipping with omni antenna
  • ccr1036-8g-2s+

  • 2 sfp+
  • 8 gig ether
  • 16GB ram (+EM model)
  • 42million pps
  • 28Gb max
  • This is their new flagship. Now with 10 gig interfaces they have upped chassis throughput.


  • 2ghz card
  • 800mW power
  • R11e-hpnd

  • made for minipci rb912
  • 2 and 5 ghz modules
  • 1000mW
  • New atheros chipset
  • RB14E

  • pciexpress card for 4 mini pci slots for your X86 box
  • RB14EU

  • same but with sim cards and USB ports
  • SXT HG

  • 17dBi higher gain antenna
  • new design
  • 1000mW
  • gig port
  • 5Ghz
  • QRT G
    QRT G

  • flat panel
  • 17dBi
  • gig ether
  • custom RB inside
  • high power radio
  • Cloud Router Switch CRS

  • Built in wireless on some units
  • SFP
  • LCD
  • desktop and rackmount
  • 24 gig
  • router os
  • CCR1009

  • 9 core
  • 8 gig ports
  • 1 sfp
  • 1 sfp+
  • touchscreen lcd
  • Price price price. What is the price on this unit going to be? I think this unit will be moving fast. I can see this being the new defacto border router. I can see this in place of several of my X86 boxes.


  • new atheros scorpion CPU
  • 3 gig ports
  • 2 sfps
  • 3 chain 5 gig scards
  • 2 minipcie slots
  • Talking with Mike on this one now that they have the all SFPs and this AP has 2 SFP ports you can do all of your cabling via fiber…the only copper will be for power. We talked about having two SFP routers at the base, each with a backhaul, then each sector being a 953 with an SFP going into each router. This would be just about as much redundancy as you could build in…short of adding extra sectors.


  • poe injector with built in 2ghz ap
  • micro usb for modem or for providing power – you can run it as an ap just off of USB power
  • station or ap
  • af compliant
  • passive poe out. This means you can power him via PoE and it will pass that PoE out of the secondary port.
  • ethernet ports are switched so passing traffic doesn’t affect the CPU
  • end of year
  • This looks like the Ubiquiti airGateway, but with a few more options. I have confirmed that it DOES run full ROS. It has a very small CPU, so you can’t get too crazy, but it sounds fun.


  • 12 sfp ports
  • 1 sfp+
  • touchscreen lcd
  • 16 core tilera
  • This is veeeery interesting. I can see doing plenty of switch aggregation with this unit. Since it only has 16 cores it should come in at a slightly lower price. I imagine plugging in plenty of user switches and backhauling via 10Gb back to the core.

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