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Jul 11 / Greg

Mikrotik Product Naming

A GOOD friend of mine pointed me to this article today…bwahahaha. After much joking over the naming schemes Mikrotik uses, they have a fine Wiki article that clears everything up. Wonder no more, and if you go to the next MUM, don’t say you can’t figure it out…you have been warned.


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  1. Andrew Stern / Jul 11 2013

    Unannounced product discovery?

    There is a listing under wireless names for AC, but currently no AC devices on the market or announced

    >> ac – for cards with 802.11ac support

  2. Greg / Jul 11 2013

    I saw that…I figured it is just “future proofing” 😉

  3. Ty / Jul 11 2013

    Was that first link supposed to be different than the second? They both link to the same page on the wiki.

  4. Greg / Jul 11 2013

    Yeah, it was supposed to go to the same place heh

  5. Michael Vale / Jul 19 2013

    It’s AC for Andrew Cox 😀

  6. Greg / Jul 19 2013

    Ha…what else would it be fore Michael?!?!

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