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Jun 5 / Greg

Ubiquiti airOS v5.5.6 Released

Version 5.5.6-Service Release (June 03, 2013)

Regulatory updates:
– New: Lock country code for Ukraine
– Fix: Rocket M5 Titanium: DFS band unlock with authorisation key
– Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU/Switzerland, turn DFS ON after FW upgrade
– Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for EU countries (indoor range)
– Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for Vietnam (in frequency range 5150-5350 MHz)
– Fix: Regulatory update for Norway (5GHz band frequencies and EIRP limits update)

– WEB UI: Channel list with indication for Indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)
– WEB UI: Possibility to hide indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)

– Fix: Sometimes AP stops passing traffic in PtMP setup
– Fix: UAPSD power saving problems
– Fix: In some cases web server may lock up after some time due to memory leak (possible fix)
– Fix: Polycom SpectraLink 8030 wireless phone connection issues
– Fix: AirGrid M5 HP: Change Antenna gain from 28dBi to 27dBi according antenna specification

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