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Mar 5 / Greg

DIY Server Lift

If you spend some time in a data center racking equipment you will find that getting those servers in can be difficult. Your average IT guys is either 98 pounds with nothing but bone and skin(I’m looking at you Andrew Cox), or they are really heavy dudes. Lifting 100 pound servers five feet high is something of a chore.

In comes a server lift. They generally come in two varieties, powered or manual. There are some companies that sell these specific server lifts for more money than your average car. Server lift sells them for $9K powered and $5K unpowered…what!?!?! Obviously, we ain’t got time for that.

What you reallly want is a lift stacker. I’ve found Wesco who makes great stackers for good prices.

Manual lift.  ESPL-80-2424

Manual lift. PESPL-80-2424

Powered PESPL-80-2424

Powered lift.

Powered lift. PESPL-80-2424

Both of these stackers have safety locks to lock them in place. They also both have a lift height of 80″, which equates to a little over 6.5 feet! The powered model has a rechargeable battery built in. It allows for quick, easy, and very granular position control.

The manual model can be found for as little as $1400 and the fully powered model can be found for $3100! I could buy two and a half of the powered model shipped for the price of a single “server lift”.

Here’s a couple of videos of them in action:


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  1. Phil C / Mar 5 2013

    my lower back needed this a lonnnnnnng time ago. :\

  2. Greg / Mar 5 2013

    I didn’t necessarily say we were getting one…muhahaha

  3. Phil C / Mar 5 2013

    that sounds eerily familiar!

  4. Greg / Mar 6 2013


  5. JJ / Apr 28 2013

    Just my opinion, but the Wesco lift looks like its made more for a warehouse environment. Don’t know if it really meets the data center requirements.

  6. Greg / May 4 2013

    I should think it would work OK in the DC. Will it be exactly the same…no. But what is the fun in that?

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