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Feb 4 / Greg

Mikrotik 6.0rc8

What’s new in 6.0rc8 (2013-Feb-04 13:25):

*) ppp,pppoe,pptp,l2tp,sstp – only 2 change mss mangle rules are created for all ppp interfaces;
*) wireless – fixed AES encryption speed issues (upgrade suggested);
*) dhcpv6 server – handle info requests;
*) webfig – compressed all html resource files, speeds up opening of webfig page;
*) console – reduced width of address column in ‘/user print’;
*) simple queues requires target arg to be specified when adding;
*) do not count packets for unknown protocols as rx_dropped;
*) snmp – provide POE info;
*) improved cpu usage reporting on CCR boards;
*) improved interface reading performance;
*) changed CLI interface order – first are ethernets, second wireless, third everything else.
Within group interfaces are ordered by name;
*) interfaces are deleted much faster, could be bottleneck on systems with many ppp sessions;
*) pptp,l2tp,6to4 tunnel encapsulation/decapsulation now resets packet marks to
have consistent behavior across tunnels;
*) fix simple queue interface matching when doing encapsulation in some tunnel,
could result in double accounted packets;
*) ip/ipv6 firewall has all-ether,all-wireless,all-vlan,all-ppp interface matchers
*) queue limits could be inaccurate for large limits (100M or more);


*) bgp peer tcp-md5-key is not supported on CCR (to be fixed in next release);

I don’t normally post up RC info, but since all of my CCR peeps are going to want it, here you gooooooo.

Odd, they left off the openflow info. Perhaps it was only available for the pre-release crowd(this is the part where I pretend to be Superior). *EDIT* They’ve now added it back 🙂


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  1. N.R. / Feb 4 2013

    honest mistake with openflow omission. added back in

  2. Greg / Feb 4 2013

    You do still care! hehehehe. *Mikrotik is always watching* < .< >.>

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