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Jan 30 / thebrotherswisp

Antenna Recommendations For Mikrotik

This is an email conversation between JJ, Greg, Mike, Andrew Cox, Andrew Thrift, Justin, Tom, and others. I thought you guys might find this interesting.

We have been working on a mast site ( revisiting it since ) our Work on spacing out the Antennas last year,

I was wondering about your opinions.. on Sectors…

we have been using Pac wireless ones / Laid ones which seemed to have good range and great noise rejection (front to back)

we started using Sunparl Dual Polarity sector Antennas. they look impressive all metal enclosure etc… … and had great signal strenghths however compared with Pac wirelsss we have seen other neighbouring sectors at -15 ( as opposed to –45 / -50 on Pac wireless dishes)…

what I was wondering was what is your experience with sectors… are the UBNT Sectors good ? I have never used them out of prejudice….

What have you used and what would you recommend ?

any pointers would be much appreciated…

PS I love Jirous Dishes (Extreme) for Point to Point Links 🙂


I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100+ ubuquiti antennas on towers / poles / cow pastures. I have been very impressed. I love that all of them are dual poll for a minimum amount of money. I love the new titanium sectors better rejection selective beam. Tho only bad thing I can think to say is the non titanium ones have what seems to be rivets around the rp-sma connector that seem to rust pre maturely.

I would have to say go for it! I think you will be happy… We are.


I’ve heard that(from JJ I think) for the price the UBNT antennas have the best design. I’ve had good success with them also.


We use the 120 degree ubnt sectors (5g19 i think) with ubtik enclosures. Mikrotik with ubnt antennas win win I’m my book.


Jirous looks great. I’d love to try them sometime.

I used to love MTI sectors, but they’re so damn expensive.


Thanks for that… I really appreciate.. it…

I presume you would recommend the RF Armour … as well ?

I second the ubnt sectors. No firsthand experience with the titaniums yet. I do have experience with the rf armor shields though. Very happy with the ubnt+ rf armor.

I have a couple Titaniums, but nothing much to offer any insight from. I certainly like the mechanical setup of Titaniums vs. standard + RF Armor.


We have tried the Laird, Sunparl and UBNT sectors.

I too really like Sunparls enclosure, but the brackets and lack of protective coating on the pcb let them down. Also we got a fair bit of noise with them.

The ubnt dual polarity sectors are what we use and recommend. They are good quality and the brackets are really nice.

All our back hauls are now Jirous, its good to see more people discovering them 🙂


What say you guys? Drop us a comment!


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  1. CD / Jan 30 2013

    My only experience has been with the ITElite sectors. I’m happy with them, but I have nothing else to compare them to. Most of the antennas I’ve seen from UBNT came with AirMax already built in, which I didn’t want, so I’ve never tried any of theirs.

  2. Greg / Jan 30 2013

    We are talking about strapping MTKs straight to UBNT radios. It’s the breakfast of champions 😉

  3. Robert W / Jan 31 2013

    The best I’ve used were Ubiquiti sectors for the tests I’ve run. I’ve used them with their own RocketM5 radios and a RB493 with 5.8GHz cards.

    I think I still have three of the 120deg sectors in my garage if you want to test with them.


  4. Greg / Jan 31 2013

    You are beyond generous sir, but the individual starting the conversation doesn’t live in the states 😉

  5. Justin / Jan 31 2013

    We have started going away from the ubnt sectors and moving into the KpPreformace sectors. The come with the shielding built right in. We also run the ubtiks for the radios. These come in an all aluminum case witch also helps with noise levels entering the encloser.

  6. Greg / Jan 31 2013

    Thanks for the heads up dude. I’ll have to check on the Kps.

  7. Ty / Feb 4 2013

    +1 on The KPP antennas. They do everything the UBNT sectors and omnis do but better and like Justin said, with the shields built-in. Not to mention when they say a 120* sector, they mean 3db down at 120, not 6db down. What UBNT calls a 120 everyone else calls a 90, and likewise their 90 is a 60. They mount the same way as well which I like. Went KPP and I have never looked back.

  8. Greg / Feb 5 2013

    Thanks for the update sir. I didn’t expect so much great feedback, much appreciated!

  9. Michael Plourde / Feb 12 2013

    Anyone got experience to share with Ubiquiti 2.4 Ghz sector ?

    We have try it on many site, but we got a lot of problem with another WiMax ISP (2500-2700 Mhz). The bandwith of the Ubiquiti sector seems to be to large (2300 – 2700 Mhz) and the radio don’t show the noise but CPE disconnect often and throughput going poor just like a site with a lot of noise.

    We replace our ubiquity airmax sector with Itelite Pro Sector that reflect the true 2.4 Ghz ISM band (bandwith 2400-2500). Works like a charm. No more throughput our disconnect problem. The sector don’t look as industrial as the titanium but at least the bandwith is exactly what we looking for.

    In the 5 ghz band, we use Airmax sector too but performance don’t impress me.We use NV2 protocol and isolation is not good enough on those sector even when using RF armor. We just move to titanium. I hope it will perform better than standard Airmax.

    For back hauls, we use rocket dish and we never had try jirous, should we ?

  10. Greg / Feb 12 2013

    These guys are definitely the experts, so I would go with their pics. 🙂

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