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Oct 31 / Greg

Mikrotik SXT CPE Install Video

Here’s a cute lil video put out by MTK on installing an SXT as a CPE. I’m really starting to like these marketing videos. Someone needs to hire me to make some of these for them 😉


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  1. CD / Oct 31 2012

    Does this represent a model change? None of the SXTs I have ever bought came with grounding wires, and none of the units I have in stock have grounding screw attachment points as shown.

    Looks like they also abandoned those skinny European pipe straps that bind and flex for wider American-style versions.

  2. Greg / Oct 31 2012

    Hopefully Normunds will chime in on this…I’m not sure. I know the models I used are as you described…perhaps there is a new design out there. I’m assuming we have to exhaust distributor stocks before we will see them, though.

  3. Remotely Located / Nov 2 2012

    Greg, I asked about this in the forums but look at the 35-37 second mark on the video. sxt g-2HnD 2ghz sxt. When will this be to market?


  4. Greg / Nov 2 2012

    The best source for availability dates will be your friendly distributor. These guys have a much better idea of what is coming down the pipe. 🙂

  5. Remotely Located / Nov 2 2012

    Post subject: Re: SXT installation guidePosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:36 am
    MikroTik Support
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    He meant SXT G 2-HnD. The 2GHz SXT has been announced, and will become available within a month.

    Need to read my replies more often.

  6. Greg / Nov 2 2012


  7. Ham / Nov 3 2012

    I hope they incorporate the grounding wire point on the PCB on the 5Ghz models. After about 6+ months out on the field we get a lot of SXT succumb to static build-up and play up big time.

  8. N.R. / Nov 7 2012

    The grounding wire attachment point has always been present on all SXT devices. Only in the new models (including SXT 5GHz) it has a screw, but the previous ones also had it.

  9. N.R. / Nov 7 2012

    Greg, my image went int your spam queue. Get it out of there please 😉

  10. Greg / Nov 7 2012

    What are you talking about Willis? What image?

  11. CD / Nov 9 2012

    The 2GHz SXT will be welcome! Now, if there were only a 2GHz OmniTik, so I could make some of the local trailer parks happy.

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