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Oct 25 / Greg

Mikrotik 6.0rc2 Released

*) added generic fast path support on certain interfaces
(all ethernets on RB3xx, RB6xx, RB7xx, RB8xx, RB9xx, RB1000, RB11xx, RB2011);
*) added ipv4 fast path, it doubles ipv4 forwarding performance
on supported interfaces when no firewall, conntrack, queues.
*) added traffic generator fast path;
*) addedbridge fast path;
More info on fast path:

Looks like mostly feature additions. I’ve been running RC1 at the house…any of you guys been testing it?


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  1. rickytato / Oct 25 2012

    I’m using 6.0rc1 on RB751G-2HnD at home…. but veri simple config, video rate limit and simple firewall rules… I don’t think upgrade to rc2… I’m waiting next releases 🙂

  2. Greg / Oct 25 2012

    Cool, similar config for me. I think the next release will most likely be 6.0 full 🙂

  3. O! / Oct 25 2012

    Yeah, been running it for a while, seems ok.
    Want to test the fastpath feature feather but, haven’t got the time yet.

  4. Greg / Oct 25 2012

    @ O!
    It looks like fast path only activates in certain situations. Due to the required options I would never be able to use it in my infrastructure. The key thing is that connection tracking has to be off/auto with no firewall rules.

  5. Phil C / Oct 26 2012

    have it running on all routers in my lab rack at my office

    2x RB433
    2x RB1200
    4x RB750
    1x custom router x86 w/ variety of interfaces 😉

    4x various switches

  6. Greg / Oct 30 2012

    Nice one dude! Everything running clean?

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