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Aug 14 / Greg

Interview with Mikrotik CTO Arnis Riekstins

If your Latvian is as rusty as mine, then be sure to hit the CC closed captioning button at the bottom. They show you inside their fab shop, which is pretty cool. I had assumed that they just did design and farmed the rest out to China, but this isn’t exactly the case. It seems they still maintain some production at the home office. What I really want to know is where was Janis, Sergejs or Normands? 😛


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  1. Steve Andrews / Aug 16 2012

    That is an interesting interview. Arnis made two points that really made me think of how different their approach is compared to larger American companies. They are in no hurry to expand into every little niche that can be found, and they are very careful about manufacturing outside of their own or neighboring countries.

  2. Greg / Aug 16 2012

    You can tell they really do have a completely different approach. Frankly, I like it. They are focusing on what they do best and improving on it. They don’t seem to be stretching themselves over a vast array of sideline products.

    I also noted how the interview really focused on what Mikrotik is doing to improve Latvia…found it interesting.

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