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Jul 25 / Greg

Speaking Of Baboons…

I’ve made a new a new friend in South Africa named Wiehan. He could relate to the baboon issues…so much so that he shared some of his pictures with me 🙂

Click the pictures to enlarge!

Razor wire and spikes! I should think this would do the trick for the curios passerby also…hehehe.

Thanks for sharing Wiehan!


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  1. War / Jul 27 2012

    Nice pics, 🙂 but ummm, might wanna take a closer look at the second antenna’s (one beneath the top) dipole orientation.


  2. Greg / Jul 27 2012

    Perhaps the spikes scare the waves into proper orientation?

  3. Alberto / Aug 2 2012

    Dude needs a lot of help, as soon as he starts loosing equipment he will learn like we all did!

  4. Greg / Aug 3 2012

    @everyone 🙂 I talked to the man himself and he says “yes those grid antennas make one look stupid because they do look as if they are installed wrong.” Trust me, from talking to this guy, he has a pretty good grasp on what he is doing…hehehe.

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